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When I Made the Leap to Self-Hosted!

So, in case you missed my Tweets, I recently went self-hosted. I’m more than happy with my site , the amount of opportunities it has opened up for me are endless, and it’s given me the incentive and kick up the backside I needed to get back to spending time on my blog! But, there is no way on this Earth that I could have managed it without the endless patience and support of the saint that is Laura from Blogger2WP!The switchover itself was so quick, I was expecting it to take a few hours but she made it seem so effortless. I’m not saying it was as I know she worked hard to get it how I wanted it and there’s a lot involved, but if I’d have tried doing it myself I think I’d have cried lol!

She kept in contact with me regularly via email, answered every question I asked (and trust me there were a LOT of questions!), and she was so patient with me. I’m saying this again as I must have sounded like a bit of an idiot with some I asked as I am by no means technologically minded! All the instructions Laura sent me were so easy to follow, even for me, and if something wasn’t clear, I just had to ask!

She’s still helping me with a couple of queries now, so there’s really no ridiculous time limit on the service that Blogger2WP provide, which is a massive relief!

You can find and contact Blogger2WP on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, so if you’re thinking of making the jump to a self-hosted blog, I highly recommend these guys! Can’t fault them or the service they provide at all!

PS. Laura if you’re reading this, YOU’RE A DIAMOND, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

4 thoughts on “When I Made the Leap to Self-Hosted!

  1. Thank you for the great post Steff. It was a pleasure working with you and I’m happy you’re loving your new blog. You know where to find me if you have any questions!

  2. Hey hun, busy stalking your blog. I wonder if you could answer these couple questions for me? (SORRY TO BE A BUG) I recently went self hosted as well BUT one thing I do miss is the whole word press reader, but you seem to still get comments/likes/interaction from there, I was just wondering how? As since going self hosted my blog doesn’t show up there anymore (I don’t think) cry cry .. anyhow. Love the blog chick xx

    1. Hi, thank you for having a read, glad you like it! To be honest I have no idea if my posts still show on the reader, as far as I know all of my views and stuff come from Twitter or Insta! Have you tweeted to ask if it’s happened to anyone else as if it hasn’t perhaps it’s just a setting that needs changing? Sorry I can’t help more sweet xx

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