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The Big C

I thought I’d write a post about Coronavirus (or the Big C as I prefer to call it), seeing as things have developed rapidly in the last week or so. This is a hugely scary time we’re living in and I often find myself thinking that one day there will be history lessons about it all. Weird huh!?

Working from Home

So, I decided to start working from home and pulled the girls out of school from Tuesday. I work in a school office, which also doubles up as a medical room. I didn’t feel comfortable being there with my auto-immune condition and being on immunosuppressants. Because of that, I felt we would be safer if we stayed at home. As soon as I made the decision, I felt like a huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders. It had all obviously been playing on my mind more than I had realised!

Since we’ve been doing that, a LOT has changed! The schools have been closed, the government have announced that us vulnerable people will have to stay in for 12 weeks, countless businesses have been told to close, and we’re now almost on a full lockdown! These are strange, scary and also stressful times we’re all going through at the moment. But, I am fully aware that it will be worse for some than others.

I’m on the Vulnerable List

My GP confirmed over the phone that I am one of the estimated 1.5m extremely vulnerable people in the UK who should stay home for 12 weeks and be ‘shielded‘. When I heard that announced on the news I cried instantly. I think it was a mixture of fear and the realisation of how ill I actually am. Funny how it takes something like that to hit home, especially when you just plod along each day. Since then, the government released guidelines on what shielding is and I have to admit, it goes further than I realised! I need to have my own towels in the bathroom, keep my distance from the rest of the family in the house, use the bathroom first and make sure everyone else cleans any surfaces they come into contact with when they’ve finished, and they even recommend sleeping on my own!

Unfortunately, we don’t have a spare room (we don’t even have a spare corner let alone a whole bed lol!), so the last one isn’t going to happen unless Ant falls ill. I can’t expect him or me to sleep on the sofa for 12 weeks, so if we’re both ok then we’re sleeping in our bed! I think it’s a small negotiation compared to the ridiculous risks others are taking!

Why Take the Risk?

There have been so many people blatantly ignoring the guidance set, and it makes me so chuffing angry! Queuing at supermarkets standing too close to others, congregating in parks, etc., cramming onto trains and tubes. Asking for the Big C! It’s ridiculous! I understand some still have to go to work, and with less transport services it’s going to cause more people to be on the same train or whatever. But the pictures online are just RIDIC! I think one or two people were wearing masks (I know they don’t do much to stop you getting the virus but it must be better than nothing if you have to take public transport!?), and surely there can’t be that many people who HAVE to go to work!? Shouldn’t employers be allowing them to start work at a later time to avoid the busier travelling times? It’s not rocket science fgs!


In the meantime, because I knew I would be restricted from going out eventually, I’ve got food coming out of my earholes! As there’s 6 of us in the house, we’ve had to make sure we’ve got enough supplies now that we’re all home. We haven’t been out panic buying, because we’re not twats lol! But I have made sure we’ve got everything in that we normally would. I’ve done shopping for my grandparents, sister, mum, dad and his girlfriend so I’ve made good use of the delivery slot I already had.

As I can’t get another delivery slot until April 10th, I’ve ordered some fresh produce from a local market seller. They’ve had to close their fruit & veg stall so they’ve started doing home deliveries. I’m so looking forward to getting some good, fresh food in to go with our freezer and cupboard stock! It’s also good to support local businesses too as they will be suffering so much through all of this. The Big C has got a LOT to answer for!!

I hope everyone manages to stay safe through all of this craziness! How has all of this affected you? Let’s talk about it in the comments!

Until next time, Steff xx

9 thoughts on “The Big C

  1. I’m so sorry to hear that you’re on the vulnerable list, like myself, too babe. If you ever need someone to chat too just send me a message. I’m sending you so much love. Stay strong, stay home, stay safe. 💜

    With love, Alisha Valerie x |

    1. Thanks for reading, it is interesting to see how everyone’s coping differently. Same to you too 🙂

  2. Some people are not sticking to the guidelines and it is so effing frustrating! It’s causing it to progress! Sorry to hear you are in the at risk category, definitely stay inside and stay safe! Hope you and your family are staying safe!

    1. Found it lol! My neighbours are having visitors and going in and out like everything’s normal! Wish I know how to report shit like this! We’re all doing well, apart from mum who’s got it but she’s ok so far. Just wiped out! Take care Lauren x

  3. I’m sorry to hear it’s 12 weeks for you! It’s looking like that for me also! It’s crazy. I’m vulnerable also as I am 9 months pregnant and giving birth in about 2 weeks! It’s a scary time, but I hope you guys stay stocked up, healthy, and happy!

    1. Hope you’re keeping well – it must be a scary time to be due to give birth! Hope all goes well when baby arrives, and congratulations!! x

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