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The Big C – Part 2

In my last post, I gave you guys a quick insight into how The Big C, or Coronavirus is affecting me and my family. In this post, I thought I’d give you a little update as well as a little look at how I’m handling ‘homeschooling’ the kids. So, welcome to The Big C – Part 2!


As of April 6th, I will have been officially furloughed. Although I’ve been working from home for three weeks already, the work has really dried up and we’ve all been scratching around for things to do. So, when I got the email confirming I had been furloughed, I was actually quite pleased! As you already know, my health is pretty rubbish atm with the Myasthenia Gravis and all of the side effected from medications. So I feel like it’s a bit of a blessing in disguise as I need the rest! The company I work for are topping up our wages to 100% too so we won’t be missing out in any way. It’s effectively 8 weeks extra holiday! Obviously, I’d much rather be working and this whole nightmare not even happening. But in the circumstances, I’ll take that and run.

Free Time

Now I’m going to have a LOT of free time, I’m starting to decide how to use it wisely. I’ve been learning Spanish using the Duolingo app since we were in Lanzarote last year. I’m still enjoying it, perhaps not as much as I was. But that’s because it’s getting more difficult lol! I’m on a streak of 222 days as I write this, which I think is quite impressive! But I’ve been doing the bare minimum to get my streak and that’s it.

I’m lucky enough to work with a teacher who has sent me some workbooks so that will help massively. I think one of the main problems I face when learning a language is I have absolutely NO clue what verbs, nouns, adjectives, etc are LMAO! I think if I had a better understanding of that kind of stuff, it would help me understand the structure of sentences. Anyway, I am determined to learn Spanish as it’s such a beautiful language, so watch this space!

Getting Stuck in to Blogging

I will also be using this time to concentrate on my blog. Get some post ideas written down, actually use the blog plan I created (lol) and work harder on my socials! I’ve taken an online course on building up my Instagram so I’m hoping to get going with that as well. I might even manage to get some blog posts scheduled! SHOCK!


I’ve also started to get back into reading again which is great. I’ve been trying to get in the habit of reading for at least 15 minutes every night before I turn the lights out and I’m loving it! I had to start back up with my two favourite authors, Janet Evanovich and Tess Gerritsen. They write totally different types of books but I cannot get enough of them! I’ve got a few other books gathering dust waiting for me to get round to them so I may as well try getting through them!


As promised, I thought I’d share how I’ve been keeping the girls occupied and my thoughts on it all. The first week we were home I left them to it more or less. Kacie was an emotional wreck panicking about the whole pandemic thing so I let her chill and take her own mind off it all. Aimie was loving life on her PS4 and Netflix until she realised she had to log in to Google Classroom every morning by 08.30 starting the following Monday LOL!

Since then, Aimie’s logged in every morning without fail and completed her work for the day well before lunchtime. So while she’s been doing that, I’ve had Kacie doing all sorts. She’s joined in with the PE with Joe Wicks sessions most mornings, which is great to watch. I’d have been joining in if I could! She’s also been doing lots of maths and English work, as well as researching things she’s interested in and watching live streams of animal feeding times.

As well as all of that, I’ve let them help out with different things around the house. Kacie helped Ant make a gravel path in the back garden last week, they’ve all helped cook dinner and make lunch. They all help around the house with certain things anyway. But they’ve been doing a few extra bits between them which is a help for us. As well as teaching them life skills.

Don’t Judge

The way I see it is all is this – we are ALL winging it! I’ve seen so many people being criticised online for the way they’re handling this situation. Who’s to say is right or wrong? NONE of us knew this was coming so we were all as unprepared as each other. If you want to give them an all-singing, all-dancing timetable to stick to, that’s amazing! If you don’t want to do anything with them and enjoy the time with them, that’s also amazing! This situation is (hopefully) never going to happen again so just do what suits you and your family the best! YOU know your children best, just go with the flow! And if you feel the need to comment on how someone else is doing it, think before you do so.

I hope you all manage to stay safe! Let me know in the comments what you’re planning to do with your time while you’re home! Until next time, Steff xx test123

28 thoughts on “The Big C – Part 2

    1. Thanks lovely… it’s such a difficult situation and a different one for each person too! Look after yourself xx

  1. I know exactly what you mean about being furloughed as this happened to me! I’ve been reading a lot to get through it as well. Thanks for sharing x

  2. Steff,
    You are such a fighter!
    Love how you are handing the big C and sharing your story!

    For a lot of people work has dried up, but NO giving up!

    Just thought I should share this with you, since you are such an inspiration!

    “Faith goes up the stairs that love has built and looks out the windows which hope has opened.”
    ― Charles H. Spurgeon

  3. Thanks for sharing. It’s nice to read your positive spin on this! Homeschooling has been kind of a pain on our end, but at the same time, I’m glad it gives me more visibility of my son’s schoolwork.

    1. Thank you for reading! I hope the homeschooling situation gets easier as time goes on! Take care, Steff x

  4. We’ve been doing PE with Joe every morning too, it’s killing me, haha. I think the hardest part of this lockdown is how fed up the kids are. Being away from her friends is really tough for Flora, although she is able to FaceTime some of them. Good luck with Duolingo, that’s a seriously impressive run! xx

    1. I would almost die doing PE with Joe, when I watch Kacie doing it I’m secretly happy I’m unable to lol! Thank you! I’m starting to get stuck back into it now and enjoying it again! Xx

  5. I’ve also been furloughed so also trying to see this extra free time as a positive thing 🙂 That’s really impressive you are learning Spanish, hope it continues to go well. This is such a good opportunity to catch up with reading and blogging too! Like you say, we should just go with the flow and be kind to each other. Thanks for sharing Steff, hope you have a lovely relaxing weekend! <3 xx

    Bexa |

    1. Thank you for reading Bexa! How are you finding the furlough situation? Hope it’s not affecting you too negatively? Happy Easter ❤️ xx

      1. Thanks lovely! I think I’ll feel better when I know when I’m getting paid again but otherwise it’s going okay 🙂 How are you finding it? Hope you had a nice Easter weekend <3 xx

        1. Ah that must be a real worry! We’re really lucky in that respect. We’re doing ok, surprised we haven’t started arguing yet with 6 of us in the house lol! But in a strange way it’s brought us all a bit closer! We did have a great weekend thank you, nice to have a chilled one with nice weather! Xx

    1. It’s great isn’t it!? I like how it teaches you in so many different ways, for a free app it’s fab xx

  6. I love seeing how you are adjusting to the new normal. It is fun to draw inspiration from the time we have, and it helps when we get the motivation flowing to write or, in your kids case, get schoolwork done. 🙂

    1. Thanks for reading! I think it’s just about finding what works for you and your family in situations like this, whatever that may be! I’m all for people making the most of the down time but I know I’ll kick myself if I don’t at least try to achieve something while this is all going on so watch this space! xx

  7. I’ve been reading and throwing my self into blogging also. I actually used the time to relaunch and redesign my blog. Although there are a lot of negatives, I am finding a lot of positives also. You always have to look for the silver lining.

    1. Working on my blog seems like the obvious thing to do as I usually struggle for time on it! It’s been nice to get back into reading too… I’ll head over to your blog today to have a nose around! It’s true, it’s all about focussing on the positives! x

  8. I’ve also been furloughed so I’m in pretty much the same boat as you, although I don’t have kids to entertain. It’s such a weird situation but I’ve been finding ways to fill my time. I’m also sick of the comments criticising how other people are spending their time. We’re all coping how we know best.

    1. It’s just about finding what works for you isn’t it as everyone’s situation is different! Honestly, surely these people moaning about what others are doing have more important things to worry about? I think I might start calling people out to shut them up lol!

    1. Thank you for reading! I’m not sure how my health will be by the end of this but hopefully it’ll start improving soon x

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