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Taking the plunge

So… following on from my first post, I thought this time I’d talk about trying new things. This obviously covers a huge range of stuff but, what’s common in all of us is there’s always something that we really want to do and more often than not, we bottle out of doing it!
It’s strange how we all deal with doing new things differently, isn’t it? Some of us just think sod it I’m going for it, others have to build up to doing it (definitely me) and the rest of us just say NOPE!

Obviously, it depends what ‘it’ is. There are lots of things I’d love to do or try, and I’ve just dismissed them because it’s too risky, too much money, don’t have the time, can’t do that because of the kids. Seriously the excuses are endless! I’m not saying that these aren’t valid reasons, before anyone bites my head off… but why do we tend to put blocks in front of stuff that we want to do or try? I guess it’s human nature.

Me, personally, there are a few things I’d like to do. Mainly, I’ve always said I’d love to be a midwife or paramedic. It’s not physically possible for me or my family at the moment, but I would like to one day train up and go for it. However, whenever I think about it, I find myself putting negative spins and ‘what ifs’ in front of going into that kind of career.

• What if someone’s sick? I can’t cope when my children are vomming let alone a stranger!
• What if I’m sick? LOL
• What if I get the Christmas shift? This is one of the reasons I won’t do it yet, when the kids are old enough to understand properly and/or sleeping like teenagers so won’t even notice I’m not there
• Will I be able to afford or cope with the qualifications I’ll need? I haven’t studied since I done my GCSEs in 1999 so that’s a bit scary, and the fees are another reason I can’t do it yet
• What if someone dies? Like seriously, surely every paramedic/midwife worries about this at some point? It can’t be one of the upsides to the job

Now the way I keep convincing myself that it’s a good thing to do is that the pros, without doubt, outweigh the cons of a job like this! Helping a woman bring a life (or 2 or 3) into the world couldn’t be any more rewarding! The same as a paramedic, rushing to the aid of someone in desperate need and potentially saving their life. Surely those little niggles (apart from the death one, that’s huge) are just speed bumps in the road to the career you dream of! Also, I doubt very much that there is a single paramedic/midwife in the country who saw any of those things as positives to the job.

So, you see, it could be your biggest dream, and you still put barriers in the way of you achieving it! That’s without the help of those around you, who might not want you to work on Christmas Day, or put your life at risk if there’s a terror attack, or want to see you upset if something goes terribly wrong. I get all that, honestly I do, but think of the times you’ve needed an ambulance, if nobody took those risks we’d be well and truly screwed. And midwives, without those we’d be giving birth like in medieval times!

One thing I have done for myself is to start writing these blogs. Never in a million years did I think I’d end up putting what goes on in my head (well bits of it, you wouldn’t want it all) on the World Wide Web! It’s so nice to just let the words fall out and free up some space. When you’re a mum of 3, with a husband, house and full-time 9-5 job to deal with, it can get a bit hectic up there! By the way, I know I’m not the only one in the world that has that to contend with, appreciated some have a lot more… you know what I mean. The icing on the cake and what made it so much more worthwhile was that people actually read it! Obviously, that’s the whole point but it means a lot to me, so again thank you. I hope one day in the future, when I’m a paramedic or midwife (maybe), that there will be many more people reading my posts.

I feel like I’m repeating myself constantly here, but I’m hoping you get what I’m trying to say. If you’ve got a dream, FOLLOW IT!! CHASE IT! GRAB IT! And then whatever you do don’t let go until it’s all yours. There are negative points to almost everything we do in life; unfortunately they’re just something we have to deal with. But, just make your life enjoyable, and do what you want to do for YOU sometimes… it’ll be worth it.

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    1. Thank you! Yours was great too! It gives you a sense of relief in a way doesn’t it? Here’s to many more blogs to come ? PS… I have no clue about plugins either ?? x

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