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10 Apps You Need for Blogging

Hey everyone! So, in this post I thought it would be helpful to go through 10 apps you need for blogging. From social media to photo-editing apps, everyone loves a good nosy at how others do it right?! I know I do, and I know you guys loved my Blog Plan post so let’s get… Continue reading 10 Apps You Need for Blogging

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June Roundup & July Goals

Hey everyone! I'm back again with my June Roundup and July Goals post. Let's get started by going over what I've been up to in June! Organisation So, last month, I was feeling very overwhelmed and decided to use planners to organise my life a bit more. Well it turns out I can't commit to… Continue reading June Roundup & July Goals

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My Favourite Make-Up Items

Hey everyone! I thought I'd write a post about my favourite make-up items and explain why I love them so much. Now I'm most definitely no beauty blogger or expert on this subject, and I will probably use the wrong terminology but never mind lol! I'm definitely not going to post any pictures of me… Continue reading My Favourite Make-Up Items