I thought I'd do something a little different and do an A-Z about me... hope you enjoy! A is for Ant & Aimie! Yes I’ve cheated and chosen two for my first letter but how can I choose between the old man and my middle baby!? ❤️ B is for BlogBox! I am SO excited… Continue reading A-Z

May Goals

Ok, sorry it's a bit late but it's better than never right?!? How did you get on with your goals for April? Mine weren't too bad to be fair... I smashed the granny out of my follower goals for my blog and Twitter so thank you to everyone who helped me get there! I didn't… Continue reading May Goals

When I Made the Leap to Self-Hosted!

So, in case you missed my Tweets, I recently went self-hosted. I'm more than happy with my site , the amount of opportunities it has opened up for me are endless, and it's given me the incentive and kick up the backside I needed to get back to spending time on my blog! But, there… Continue reading When I Made the Leap to Self-Hosted!