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On Crutches With an Injured Knee!

On Crutches with an Injured Knee

So… as some of you may have seen from my Instagram, last Friday I had my cousins round for the evening. We got a Chinese takeaway, then played some games together. We ended up playing Just Dance on the Wii and I ended up on crutches with an injured knee! I was copying the moves and almost got more points than my 7 year old daughter. When I put my foot on the floor, my knee went outwards and we all heard two loud cracks… I dropped to the floor unable to put any weight on it, ended up on gas & air in an ambulance and in bloody agony!

It turns out the cracks weren’t broken bones, but it was the ACL ligament in my knee tearing. The doctor in A&E was a bit dismissive so didn’t really give me much information, literally showed me how to use crutches, gave me some Cocodamol and said I should see my GP to see if I need an MRI?! Cheers mate!

Panic is Slowly Setting In

Since I’ve been home, I’ve had to have help going up and down the stairs. Coming down hopping on one leg is terrifying! I have my food handed to me. If I’m going to be home alone, I have to have my supplies upstairs so i can use the toilet.

On top of that, I’ve had plenty of time to sit here worrying about how I’m going to cope with everything. Getting myself and the kids dressed in the mornings (luckily I’m off this week), how I’m going to get to work, how I’m going to get around work… blah blah blah the list is endless!

You actually don’t realise how much is affected when things like this happen until they do! I had so much planned this week, it’s all gone out the window. I was hoping to try loads of new recipes this week while I was home and had the time to cook. Instead I’ve been eating whatever’s been put under my nose… pizza, chocolate, crisps and basically grab and go stuff.


The recovery time is anything from 2 months upwards, wtf!? To say I’m a bit unhappy about it is a huge understatement, I’m literally gutted. My new treadmill was delivered the day it happened. I had intentions of using that every day this week and now I won’t be on it for a while.

It’s literally one thing after another at the moment! Yes this is a moany post, yes I’m feeling sorry for myself. But most importantly, DON’T play Just Dance! It’s dangerous!

4 thoughts on “On Crutches With an Injured Knee!

  1. I had an ACL tear a few years ago. It took six months to heal but I made a complete comeback. Give it some time, you will have a comeback too.
    And yes. Crutches are tough. I am since 12 weeks on them. Broken hip.

    Best of luck in your recovery. Try aqua training, it’s great for recoveries like that.

    1. Oh wow sorry to hear about your hip! Thank you for the advice, it turns out I probably dislocated my knee with a meniscal tear. Waiting to have an MRI scan today then see what the doctor says. Kinda glad it’s not my ACL now lol. Hope you heal quickly xx

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