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New Deliveries!

So today was (kind of) a good day! My first every Glossybox delivery came which I have to say was bloody amazing! I also received my Barry M make up delivery from Boots. I literally NEVER treat myself to make up, not in these quantities anyway. So do you want the bad news or the good news?

I’ll start with the bad which is the Barry M stuff. Let me tell you what I ordered first, OMG I was sooooo excited to be getting new make up! By the way, I am fully aware I sound like a 12 year old girl and it’s JUST Barry M stuff but my excitement just shows how often I treat myself to this much make up in one go! Anwhow, I ordered the Showgirl Mascara, Brow Kit in Dark shade, a Gelly nail polish in Dark Cherry, a Sunset nail polish in Pinking Out Loud and an eye palette in Natural Glow. On top of all that, for every £7 I spent, I got a free Liquid Chrome polish which looks really nice too!

I opened the package and it STUNK of nail polish. Not a good sign!! It wasn’t a good sign, it was a crap sign that, yes, a nail polish that I had ordered had leaked. NOOOOOOO! My Pinking Out Loud one had leaked over my Black Cherry Gelly one and one of my free ones, and another of the free polishes had a broken lid. Grrrrrrr! Luckily the rest had survived so I quickly rescued those.



Aaaaaanyway… like I said, the rest of my Boots order was saved so I’m a happy lady with that part! I already use the brow kit every day, so much better than a pencil! The eyeshadow and blush palette looks amazing, and exactly the kind of shades I would normally choose too. The mascara I know is good because my 16 year old daughter used to wear it all the time (until she got a Benefit one for Xmas) and we all know how important mascara is when you’re at high school right?! Finally, the last of the three free gifts that I saved looks like a gorgeous colour so can’t wait to try that out!


Boots haul (some of it) by Barry M

Now, for my other delivery. Check me out! Other delivery! And even more exciting is there are more to come in the post this week! Haven’t checked my bank yet but that’s another story lol. I saw a Glossybox review on the lovely ellieloumusic’s blog so went to check it out. I’ve heard of them and similar others but never paid much attention to them. So I went and looked at their website to see what the big deal was, and put the February box in my shopping basket. Then, me being tighter than a wet knot (LOL), I googled voucher codes for Glossybox and got a cheeky 10% off my first order! So, what did I get? OMG I love it all!


Steve Laurant’s Nude Pop Lip Tint

In my Glossybox, I got the Nude Pop Lip Tint by Steve Laurant which I have to say I LOVE everything about so far (without even trying it!), the pot, the rose gold box and lid, it looks lush! Next I got the Makeup Mist Glow-Plexion by Studio 10 Beauty. It’s a primer and setting spray all in one so sounds great! I’ve been thinking of trying out a primer but have no idea so this might be the place to start! I also got the Emotion Allowed Mascara by Icona Milano in full-size (!) which I love the name of for a waterproof mascara LOL! I then got a Ciate London nail polish in Raising the Barre which looks like a lovely dark brown shade that I’d normally wear. Lastly, I got the Divine Eyeshadow Palette by Sleek Makeup in the Storm shades which I have to say look AMAZING!!!



GlossyBox contents

I haven’t used any of the products yet but when I do I’ll do a little review (if I’m feeling brave enough one day, I don’t normally do beauty talk) and let you all know how they are!


The Barry M eyeshadow palette


The Sleek Makeup palette

I’ve also used this opportunity to test out a new app I read about for editing photos. I’m really pleased with it, I’d love to know what you guys think or if you have any tips and tricks!

So, as I always say, thank you for reading this! Look forward to your feedback!


Steff x



4 thoughts on “New Deliveries!

  1. Oh no 🙁 that’s awful!
    I hope you manage to get a replacement. All the other products look beautiful. I have seen a couple of these boxes! They always look great products inside xx

    1. Yeah i wasn’t happy but Boots have sent out replacements so I’ve chilled out about it now lol! They are pretty aren’t they?! Honestly, the GlossyBox is 100% worth getting one at least, it was around £11 inc P&P and the stuff is worth around £40! Bargain! xx

  2. I have both the sleek and the Barry m palette and I love them. And i went through a phase of buying every beauty box under the sun but I got bored after a while. Hope you get a speedy replacement for the ruined products.

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