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My Weightloss Goals

I was scrolling through my Twitter feed and replied to a tweet about joining a Weightloss Linky… so I replied and the lovely Lottie (@lottie_corbett) DM’d me to give me the details. She gave me 10 questions to answer in this post and basically we’re all going to support each other in our journeys! Great idea isn’t it?!?

So, if you read my post about My ‘Get Healthy’ Plan, which you can read here, I don’t follow a plan that belongs to any company or pay someone to weigh me and tell me my gravitational pull is still too strong. I eat what I think is good for me, exercise as often as I can (restricted atm cos you know, injured knee) and keep an eye on my calorie intake. That’s it!

Anyway, onto the questions!

What is the reason for your weightloss? 

When I was 20, I was diagnosed with Myasthenia Gravis (sorry another post link here!) I ended up being put on a high dose of steroids on a long term basis, twice because of this horrible illness! Since the last time, I found the first few stone literally fell off. The last few ain’t going anywhere, it’s like they’re superglued to me I tell ya! I’m definitely not happy with myself, and I really wish I had the bopo attitude but I just can’t find it in me!

What pitfalls have you come across that have made your weightloss unsuccessful? 

As I mentioned, I was on steroids long term. As much as I appreciate that they kept me alive, obvs, I still think those things are bloody evil! The amount of money you have to spend on a new wardrobe (and not just once!), the fact they can affect your bone density and thin your skin, the weight really is hard to shift!

What are your favourite meal ideas for weight loss? 

At the moment, I’m loving the Maggi papers – my favourite is definitely the paprika chicken one and it goes down a treat with plain boiled rice and salad. Sometimes I’ll have a grilled pitta bread with it too, such a good combo! As the weather’s a bit grim at the minute, I’m loving a slow cooked chicken casserole! Nice and easy and proper comfort food too when you’re needing the stodgy stuff!

What are your favourite exercises?

Before I injured my knee, I (and I honestly never thought I’d say this) LOVED doing the C25K! Ok, I done it indoors but I really enjoyed it! I was getting into it so much that I even bought a treadmill – I done my knee in the night it got delivered so it’s now gathering cobwebs in the shed until I’m allowed to use it again. I also enjoyed swimming, which I’m going to attempt again on Sunday so wish me luck!

How do you stay motivated? 

To be totally honest, my motivation is utter crap! I’m such a pushover when it comes to snacking, it’s ridiculous!! My motivation took a massive knock after my knee went (sorry, I know I’m mentioning that a LOT), so I’m going to do everything I can to try and find it again! When I’m following my weight loss regime, I actually feel really good both physically and mentally, so I’m determined to feel like that again, I just need to remember I’m not as capable as I was a year ago so need to take it slowly.

How do you celebrate your success?

When I was getting into my healthy eating and exercise plan last year, every time I lost a pound (in weight not money), I’d put a £2 coin in a jar and my intention was to save it up and treat myself at the end of the year or something. I think I put two coins in there before it all went pear shaped but I think this time around I’ll do it a bit differently. I think once a month, if I’ve done well, I’ll treat myself to something make-up/beauty/clothing related. I’m 100% certain that that will motivate me to carry on lol!

Have you got an overall goal?

At first, I wanted to be slim and to be able to buy clothes in all the ‘nice’ shops like TopShop, etc. Now, I’ve realised it’s far more important to be healthy as much as it is to be a healthy weight. I have a weight in mind that I would like to get to, but that is purely a number which to me means I’ll fit into a certain size comfortably. I’m not confident enough to share what I weigh now, or what I want to weigh. Not really sure whether I ever will be, but that doesn’t matter to anyone but me.

Do you follow any weight loss accounts on social media, if so which ones?

I do! My faves (well a couple of them are Hayleys_world because her recipes are insane! I swear she must spend all day in the kitchen LOL! I first opened my steffs_journey Insta account (click here to give me a follow cos I need all the support I can get!) when I decided to try Slimming World. Nowadays, it’s more a what I eat/blogging/personal/anything I can think of posting kind of account.

Where do you buy your work out clothing?

I only own a couple of items of workout clothing but they’re from Simply Be and Matalan. I’m looking into trying some Marks & Spencer’s stuff when I really get back into it properly as it looks wicked! (Fully aware I’m showing my age there but you can have a nose at some of their womens sportswear here!)

What advice would you give to any weight loss newbies?

Find what works for you and go with it! Also, get yourself a weightloss Insta account as there’s an endless amount of support, guidance and meal ideas on there! If you’re an active follower, you’ll have so much interaction on there and I’ll be very jealous of you!

Well, I hope you enjoyed reading a bit more about me and my journey to shift some lbs! Looking forward to seeing how the other ladies get on! You can find their blogs here:

Yorkshire Mum of 4Diary of a Curvy Girl

Until next time,

Steff x

3 thoughts on “My Weightloss Goals

  1. Mine are more healthy goals than weight loss goal. As I’m getting older over got used to my body changes & am now just trying to stay fit… Favourite exercise is walking… Favourite meal is currently my breakfast – golden syrup porridge! ?

    1. Sounds similar to how I think about things now (as much as I can anyway). I love walking! Used to do so much of it before injuring my leg, and golden syrup porridge is sooooo nice! Although I do find it a little sickly sometimes xx

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