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My Beautiful Daughters

For this post, I thought I’d do something a little different and introduce you all to my three (not so little any more) ladies!

Girls 1
I know I’m biased but how gorgeous are they?

The above picture was on their first day back to school in September ’17 and I’m still in love with it now! Even though everyone who meets them says how much you can tell they are sisters and that they’re very alike, I see similarities but they are all so different that I really don’t see what other people do! So I thought I’d do a post and write about them and their personalities and traits.


Me and Sam

This is Sam who is 16 and studying for her GCSEs (or last year of high school for those of you not in the UK). Not only is she stunning, she’s clever (in the subjects she enjoys at school), strong-minded, opinionated, stubborn (not always a bad thing), extremely mature for her age and very passionate about what she believes in. I’m beyond proud of this girl, more than words can say. She suffers with anxiety and panic attacks and has been through a really tough time. But with the help of her school, a wonderful GP prescribing medication and having the patience of a saint, our support and understanding, and her determination and maturity, she’s learnt to cope with it and recognise when she’s getting anxious and takes herself away from the situation where possible. All this while still going to school, going through hormonal changes and revising for her exams, I think she’s done a sterling job of coping at her age! Sam has decided she wants to do an Apprenticeship when she leaves school and get a qualification in team management… one day she’s hoping to be a prison officer! Sometimes we argue (I don’t think any parent doesn’t go through that with a teen) but we always talk it through afterwards. Ok, sometimes it can be days afterwards as she gets her stubbornness from somewhere, I know she’s going to read this so I love you billions kiddo! x


Me and Aimie

Second is Aimie who is 10 and in the last year of junior school. That sentence seems very strange to type as to me she’s still a baby! Aimie was born 8 weeks premature, and that was one of the scariest times of our lives. The doctors refused to believe that I was having contractions, until I had to demand by screaming that someone examine me and they discovered I was almost fully dilated! She had to stay in the SCBU for 3 weeks before she was allowed to eventually come home, and since then she has just continued to thrive! When she started school she was usually behind in her development with things like holding scissors correctly, or being able to trace a shape onto paper and also needed speech therapy for  stutter when she was 4. I never made her feel inferior, and just kept encouraging her to do her best. Now she’s about to go to high school in September, she’s doing brilliantly at school and is meeting the expected grades for her age! She’s a very laid-back girl, always prepared to help when I ask, very observant and has aspirations of being a vlogger! She’s obsessed with watching Youtubers play pranks on each other, and LOVES her food. Although she can be fussy, she also eats some foods that most kids wouldn’t touch! She’s definitely the quieter one of the three and I love her to pieces.


Me and Kacie

This is our 7 year old Kacie, and she is the crankiest, happiest, most loving, funniest, girliest, and most emotional child I have ever known. At school, she’s exceeding the expectations for her age group, and is extremely popular and helpful. At home she’s into a massive (or maffiss as she says lol) variety of toys and programs on TV. She loves unicorns, Lego, dolls and teddies, make up and hair bows, gardening, dinosaurs and playing games at home with Aimie like pretending they’re police officers where they try handcuffing us or playing shopkeepers with their toy till and emptying my cupboards of food lol. If there’s a dinosaur program on the telly, she’ll shout out the name of the species as soon as she sees them and will correct you if you don’t pronounce it properly! Kacie can be very emotional about the tiniest of things, like not having the right pyjamas to wear to bed lol. She’s always coming out with little one-liners (yes at her age!) and has us cracking up and I’m sure she forgets she’s not 17 sometimes! Kacie has to know the ins and outs of absolutely EVERYTHING! This can range from knowing what’s for dinner to asking millions of questions about why the sky is blue and why dinosaurs aren’t alive any more. This can be very tiring, and you definitely know when Kacie is around, but I wouldn’t change her for the world because she’s a diamond kid.

They’re all so different to each other, yet if one of them upset they come together as a unit to help sort the problem out. They argue, shout and scream at each other and give me a headache sometimes, but the bond they have is something to treasure and I’m immensely proud of them all and proud to call them mine! I’ll always be proud no matter what they achieve, I’m not a ‘pushy parent’ and won’t force them to go to college or uni, but if they choose to I’ll support them the best I can.


Me and Ant

None of my girls would be here if it wasn’t for this man. Through all my illnesses, childbirths and all the other crap that life has thrown at us he’s stuck by me and supported me as best he can. We may argue and whinge and moan about each other on this rollercoaster called life, but we’ve got each others backs and after almost 18 years, I think we’re doing alright!

So there, you have now ‘met’ my little family! I hope you enjoyed this post, I felt something a little different was in order so let me know what you think!

Until next time…

Steff x





33 thoughts on “My Beautiful Daughters

  1. Such a lovely post to read on a Sunday morning! All 3 daughters seem to have such wonderful qualities of their own yet I can see the similarities in the first photo. I often get told I look alike my sister yet I just can’t see it! Best of luck to Sam in her GCSE’s,
    Zara xx

    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment! I think it’s because I know them inside out that I see them as different which is why I don’t see what others do. (If that makes any sense at all lol!) I’ll pass the luck on to Sam xx

  2. Loved reading this! What a fab bunch you’ve got (although I bet it’s not easy sometimes with 3 girls ?). Lovely that you have such a supportive partner too! It’s odd, I feel like I know you better through this post, even though it’s about others!
    You look and sound like a top mum too, you must be the way your girls are turning out! Keep it up! ❤

    1. Awww thank you so much Kayleigh! (Did I ever tell you one of my sisters is called that too? Random fact of the day lol!) it can be difficult but it would be boring if it wasn’t! Haha I suppose it’s a little insight into what we’ve had to go through, literally a little one though as there’s so much more! Glad you enjoyed it ❤️

  3. Lovely read! I’ve just become a first time mummy to a little girl and I love it… would want an army of girls if I was to ever have anymore. So lovely to see how smitten you are 🙂

    1. Awww congratulations! Enjoy every second as its true when they say time flies! That said, I’m looking forward to when they’re older and we can go out for lunch or shopping etc ❤️ Thank you, glad you enjoyed reading xx

  4. Lovely post and you have a lovely family 🙂 Kacie reminds me of my daughter, Imani… also gets emotional about small things like pyjamas… lol! Gorgeous girls you have! Bless ‘em xx

  5. Beautiful post! I too find it fascinating to see both the similarities and differences in my kids. Your children sound like they are on the path to becoming wonderful young ladies.

  6. This post is just the cutest! I can really tell how proud of them you are, and I have to say I agree with you about them all looking different! There are definitely similarities but I wouldn’t necessarily know that they were siblings if I saw them out and about!- x

  7. Ah what a lovely post! It sounds like you have 3 very unique but brilliant daughters with very bright futures! I am one of three sisters so I know exactly what the dynamic is like and everyone says we look the same but we couldn’t be more different personality wise!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! I’m also one of three sisters (and our brother came along eventually) but they don’t believe me when I say I know how they feel lol! Xx

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