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May Goals

Ok, sorry it’s a bit late but it’s better than never right?!?

How did you get on with your goals for April? Mine weren’t too bad to be fair… I smashed the granny out of my follower goals for my blog and Twitter so thank you to everyone who helped me get there! I didn’t really organise myself any more like I wanted to because my notepads are just so nice I don’t want to write in them lol! I will, I promise, I honestly don’t have the time to even tweet as much as I did at the moment, let alone plan my tasks and other stuff that’s going on! I had two attempts at eating better in April, and they both failed lol… my heart just isn’t in it and with how busy we’ve been, and I mean ridic busy, we haven’t even had the time to cook so have been almost living on takeaways! I don’t like it, and I’m not happy about it hopefully this month I’ll get my shiz together and do something about it!


So, here are my goals for the rest of the month!

Followers – I’d love to get to 1750 Twitter followers and 250 blog followers by the end of this month! As I’ve said before, it’s really not about the numbers for me but the people that want to read my content. So, the more of you lovely people that take time out of their day to read my posts, the better! Now, as I said last month in my April Goals post, my follow trains on Twitter have been massive flops and I really don’t know why! I don’t know if it’s because I’m not part of the ‘in crowd’ or if people just can’t be bothered, but it’s kind of getting to me a bit now! I tried again today after not starting one for a while and I had one response! Vot ze fuck?! Anyway, I appreciate I haven’t been as active as I was and I am one of the WORST for reading blog posts but I’m going to try and take 30 minutes out every evening before bed to read at least two or three blogs and leave comments! Hopefully that will in turn help me and my blog out!

Activity – Which leads me on to my next goal nicely… I have realised I’m not the most active Twitterer or blog-reader and commenter so this month I’d like to change that. I know the blogging community is such a supportive place so I’m feeling the need to give something back!

Exercise – Not the type of exercise I’d like to be taking part in but my leg has shown literally sod all improvement this month so today, I paid for private physiotherapy to (hopefully) get me better faster! The guy I saw was brilliant, explained what’s going on and what to do to make it better, and gave me more exercises to try to help my knee recover. I’m going back in just over a couple of weeks time so I NEED to put my ALL in to these exercises to start seeing improvement! I’ve been on crutches for 12 weeks now and I’ve so had enough and just want to get back to normal! It’s all starting to drag me down mentally and emotionally now so I’m determined to get this bloody ligament sorted out so I can get my life back!

There you go! My goals for the month of May that we’re already 5 days into! Hope you all have a fab month and I’ll see you on the flip side when I’ve fingers crossed achieved all of the above! Until next time!

Steff x

30 thoughts on “May Goals

  1. “smashed the granny” ??? dying at that!
    I’ve completely given up with follow trains, I used to follow everyone then like only 2 would follow back. So annoying! I don’t dare do my own as I don’t think I’m that ‘popular’ yet in the blogging world. Maybe I will when I’ve got a few more followers!

    Hope the private physio gets your knee better quick!

    Livvy xx

    1. Lmao I’ve been a bit reserved in my writing but it’s my blog so I thought bugger it I’m saying what I want!
      I done a few follow trains of my own before and had so much interaction and then all of a sudden it stopped! Don’t think I’ll bother now lol!
      Thanks Livvy, I hope so too!
      Lots of love xxx

  2. Good luck on your may goals. Good to hear you rocked them last month 🙂
    Your exercise goal reminds me i need to start getting more in as well 😉
    Due to an accident with my hand I had to take a step back in my zumba. Which sucks. Still recovering. But I could do with some leg training to be honest. I ‘ll just work on that in the mean time.

    1. Thank you Rose! Sorry to hear about your wrist, hope it improves soon! And good luck with the exercise too! X

  3. I did pretty well with my goals for April, I didn’t hit all of them but got most of them so I’ll take it. I think the downswing in blog activity is pretty normal this time of year, at least that’s what people keep telling me ?. You have some great goals this month and I really hope your knee gets to feeling better!

    1. Glad to hear you did ok with your April goals Kristin! Sounds like mine, done well with some but not so much with others but you can’t have it all right!? Hope your goals for this month go well. I am really hoping the lull in interaction is due to the weather, I’d totally understand if it was! Thanks also for the wishes for my knee! I hope it improves soon too ☺️

  4. I reached all of my goals for April which I was super excited about! I hope your leg gets better soon.

    A tip I would give you is set aside 30(ish) minutes two or three times a week to go through your wp reader and/or Blog Lovin’ and read and comment on some posts. It’s something I try and do and I really enjoy it! As for the follow trains, I’ve done a few, some are super successful and I’m still getting responses up to 4-5 days later, others I get 0 responses. I think you just have to time it right. I also try and do #bloggerstribe in my follow train tweet as they will retweet it to all of their followers. I hope these tips were helpful, good luck! xx

    1. Thank you so much for the tips Em! They actually all seem really logical so I’ll take them into account next time!
      Well done on reaching all of your goals! That’s awesome ❤️

  5. Wishing you a speedy recovery, you can do it! And good luck with the rest of your May goals!
    Oh, I’ve followed you on twitter, by the way 🙂 x Ain

    1. Thank you Ashleigh… such a lovely comment!

      I like setting miniature goals every month so when I’ve done it for a year I’ll be able to look back and see how far I’ve come. They’re nice little incentives to give yourself too!

      To be fair I don’t think I’ve checked yours out either but I will now xx

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