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March Goals

Hello you lovely bunch!

I thought I’d jump on this bandwagon too and write up my goals for March. These ‘goals’ are not things that I’m gonna beat myself up about if they don’t happen, they’re just targets that I’d like to reach by the time April hits us, if I can.

  • My knee – For those of you who haven’t seen me whinging on Twitter that I’m on crutches due to tearing a knee ligament, my most important target for March is to ensure that it makes a full recovery! It’s almost 3 weeks since I injured it and my god I’m bored, frustrated, fed up, feel useless and I NEED to get back to my normal routine, diet and exercise!


  • Healthy eating & exercise – Ok, so exercise probably won’t be on the cards for at least 2/3 months but I really need to up my game when it comes to healthy eating. I was doing so well between New Year and my injury. Since then I’ve had to eat whatever has been put in front of me, most of which is just grab and go food like porridge pots, cereal/protein bars, yoghurts and then the crap food like crisps and chocolate. I’m not gonna lie, I asked for those as comfort food when I was feeling sorry for myself. But I need better food in my life, and that’s going to start now.


  • Followers – This applies to followers on my blog and Twitter. Firstly, I have to say how amazed I am at the support network from other bloggers on Twitter. You wouldn’t think you were their competition, which we effectively are to each other, we just big each other up, and be there for each other. Whether that’s for liking, commenting, following or RT’ing posts, there’s always someone that’s got your back! Anyway, Ideally, I’d like to hit 150 followers on my blog (it’s currently sitting at 80+, and I’d be over the moon with 1000 followers on Twitter. Having said that, the number of followers doesn’t mean that much to me, it’s who those followers are that matter.


  • Photographs – I seriously need to up my photo-taking game for my blog. At the minute, they look like I’ve given my phone to my 7yo old daughter to take them LOL! However, I’ve started purchasing some props which I’m hoping to be able to have a little play with quite soon so I can test the water and see if I can improve my skills.


  • Make up – Now, since reading so many product reviews on everyone’s blogs, you’ve all inspired me to actually take a bit more interest. My 16yo daughter does all this contouring, colour correcting, setting mist… stuff and I literally wouldn’t know where to start. I own a bottle of foundation (can’t remember which one) but I’ve hardly used it. I’ve always disliked the way foundation makes you look fake and caked in make up so I’ve usually avoided wearing it. To be honest, I usually only use my brow kit, eyeliner, mascara and a bit of blush. So, I’ve invested in a couple of eyeshadow palettes, and I’m going to experiment. I may do some reviews if I get brave enough, but don’t panic, I won’t post any pictures of the outcome LOL!


So, there you have them, my goals for March! If anyone can give me any tips, advice, feedback or just general comments I’ll always reply and I’d really appreciate it!

Until next time

Steff x


PS. None of the pictures used are my own!

12 thoughts on “March Goals

  1. Great post! Hope your knee gets better in time. I always feel like eating rubbish in the winter time, I have been with Slimming world for the past 5 weeks and lost half a stone but its so hard going, lol. And I am the same when it comes to photographs, I never feel like they are good enough lol….We can only keep trying cant we? I hope you reach your follower goals. 😀

    1. Thank you so much! I used to do SW but found as soon as I stopped everything came back and didn’t want to do it forever! Yep practice makes perfect as they say! ? xx

    1. I ordered some wallpaper samples to use as backgrounds, some faux flowers from eBay, and read a LOT of blogs with tips. I also downloaded a couple of new editing apps which make a lot of difference! ?

  2. I hope your knee is better soon. I’m with you on the new Fri eat more healthily (not as easy as it seems now that I’ve started a food blog, there are just too many cakes that I want to share with the world ?). Good luck in meeting your blogging targets for March

  3. Ouch! I hope your knee gets better as soon as possible. I’m with you on the healthy eating, it’s difficult trying to squeeze in the right things when you can just grab another bowl of cereal. (I say this as I am eating galaxy chocolate, obviously going great!) X

  4. A great post. Hope your knees get better quickly… A lot of the things you said are on my list too, especially the 1 about more following. I definitely need morr followers who actually read my work… You’ll have to let us know how to get on. X

    1. Thank you! Yes people who actually read are needed! But we’ll get there. I’m actually in hospital atm so not sure if I’ll get anywhere this month but we’ll see! X

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