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Liebster Award Nomination


Well, I can’t quite believe it! My 2nd award nomination within a week of setting up a Twitter account for my blog! This nomination for the Liebster Award came from the lovely lady that is Cristal at and it was the first notification I saw when I opened my eyes this morning… talk about starting the day off right! This award is intended to connect with and discover awesome bloggers.

So, if you’re not following Cristal already, why not? Her blog is 100% worth a read!

So, what’s the award?

Basically, it’s a way that bloggers can give other bloggers recognition they feel they deserve! It’s a fab idea to give those people a huge shoutout and let others know what they’re missing out on!

The rules:

Acknowledge the blog that gave you the award – send them love!

Answer 11 Questions that the blogger gives you

Give 11 random facts about yourself

Nominate 11 blogs and notify them that you dig them

Give them 11 Questions to answer

My Nominees 













My Q’s & A’s

Where do you Blog from?

I blog from home, which is in Surrey, England. Any spare time I have (which isn’t much, apart from now as I can’t walk… see post called On Crutches) I use for blogging and catching up on my socials.

Why did you start blogging?

I started blogging because I felt like I needed to empty my brain of some of the thoughts that were rattling around. I also needed something to focus on as I don’t really have any hobbies.

What post are you most proud of?

The post I’m most proud of issssssss…. probably the one about Myasthenia Gravis. Basically, I suffer with it… I don’t like using that word because I try not to suffer, I get on with life. But I posted that to raise awareness as it’s quite a rare condition and there is no cure.

What are your blogging Goals?

My blogging goals… I suppose ultimately, I’d love to have my blog earn me some money one day. I don’t think I’d ever quit my job to blog full-time, but the extra few pennies would help to make it all worthwhile putting the time and effort in. That’s obviously as well as the support and love shown by all you lovely lot!

What’s one thing you’ve learned since you started blogging?

I think the biggest thing I’ve learned so far since blogging is that there is a HUUUUUGE, supportive, kind blogging community out that there that I had no idea existed until I set up my Twitter account!

What inspires your blog posts?

I’ve never really thought about what inspires my blogs… I guess I just write what I feel you guys would like to read about! I’ve not heard that they’re crap so I suppose I’ll just carry on!

What’s your favourite vacation destination?

My fave place I’ve actually been to is New York… it’s just amazing! For a sunny beach holiday I love Lanzarote! I’ve been there twice now, to two different parts and it’s such a beautiful island! If you go, you must do the tour up the volcanoes! Such an interesting touristy thing to do while you’re there!

What do you blog about?

I blog about… erm stuff LOL. I blog about my life, aspirations and just general thoughts that go on in my brain really. I don’t even know what my ‘niche’ would be if I were to pick one… any ideas?

What social media platform do you use most?

I used to be an Instagram whore on my ‘fat’ account lol! Now I’ve set up my blogging Twitter, I’m on there more, there’s so much more interaction! That said, I still have my faves on there that I go and stalk every so often.

Long term blog goals?

Long term, I’d absolutely love to become an established blogger and perhaps earn a few pennies from it… I’ve not really got that far yet as it’s still early days.

What’s one thing you can’t live without?

Just one??? Is it bad I can’t chose between my family and chocolate? I kid! I’d obviously choose my family, who would be covered in chocolate.

11 Random Facts About Myself

  • I have 9 tattoos (only dislike one of them so not bad going I suppose!)
  • I’ve nearly died 4 times
  • I have phobias of spiders, birds, insects and going anywhere in snow
  • I have a panic attack when flying, only during take off and landing
  • I’d love to be a bit more adventurous with my hair and make up but I literally have no clue where or how to start!
  • I like to think I’m a bit of a dab hand at interior design… now this doesn’t mean that my house is a palace, but it will be finished one day and it will be beautiful! we haven’t got that far to go
  • I like most foods, the only ones I can think of at the moment that I don’t like are mango and korma lol. Oh wait, there’s a LOT of seafood I won’t touch. Like oysters, wtf why would you want to eat lumpy snot? Vom!
  • I love watching documentaries… 24 Hours in A&E, 24 hours in Police Custody, The UK’s Most Evil Serial Killers, The Secret Life at the Zoo… to name just a few
  • I wish I could cook better… I’d love to be one of those people who just chuck things together and it always turns out tasting delicious! I just don’t know enough I guess.
  • I have my nose pierced, ears twice, and both tragus too. Always wanted my tongue pierced but I’m never gonna be brave enough lol
  • I absolutely LOVE going to concerts, and it’s even better now I can take my girls with me! Seeing their faces when their fave bands come on stage is priceless!

My Questions To You

1) If everything was legal for one day, what would you do and why?

2) What did you want to be when you were growing up?

3) What are 5 staple pieces of clothing you have in your wardrobe?

4) Describe yourself in 5 words… make it interesting if you can!

5) Cake or chocolate? Only one!

6) Will you still be blogging in a years time?

7) Which 3 places in the world would you travel to if you could?

8) Do you have any nicknames?

9) City or country?

10) What’s your favourite quote?

11) What do you do to wind down after a stressful day?

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Steff x

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