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I’m Officially an Adult Learner!

So, a few hours before I ended up being admitted to hospital (see last post), I completed my enrolment for an online course in Business and Administration. I’ve been dying to take a course for a while now, but the opportunity didn’t come up at the right time or price. I was lucky enough to be accepted on to this one free of charge! At the end of it, provided I pass all of my assessments, I’ll have a nationally recognised NVQ Level 2 and I’m excited and nervous at the same time.


The Course Title

For the course, there are six units, each with an assessment at the end which I have three weeks to study, complete and submit for each one. Now, I haven’t studied since I finished high school which was 17 years ago… you can do the maths for that one. It equals getting on lol! So when I downloaded my first assessment earlier this week, I almost crapped myself! I mean, I’m confident I’ll pass, because it’s not overly difficult or anything… but it’s the thought of actually reading, remembering and putting all my findings into words that’s scaring me.

‘But you’re a blogger’ I can hear you all thinking, and I’m good at putting stuff into words (well I think I am anyhow!), but blogging is different. What I write here is literally falling out of my brain, I won’t get a qualification at the end of it and nobody’s marking my work. The people who read my blogs are judging my work but I’m not going to be getting marks out of 10! However, my online personal tutor is going to be marking my work so I need to give it my all!


The Units

Now, these units don’t seem to bother me to be fair. I worked in HR for a big supermarket chain for 8 years so I’ve worked with a lot of these principles before. Now I’ve read and researched the first unit I can see how much detail is going to be required and I really need to knuckle down to get this done. I’m determined to pass and I’ve wanted this for a long time!


Also, I am fully aware that I mentioned wanting to be a midwife or paramedic in another post. But as this is a short course, it’s free, and it fits with the job I have at the moment, it made sense to take it and run!



21 thoughts on “I’m Officially an Adult Learner!

  1. Welcome back to the student life ?. Kind of. Best of luck for your short course. It might be daunting because you haven’t studied in years but we never stop learning. You can’t forget how to learn. Just take it a unit at a time and you’ll do great ?

  2. Bloody well done you! It takes a lot of gumption to decide to return to study and better yourself – that’s the very first step to your success! Wish you all the best! <3

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