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Healthy Meal Plan

Hey Beauties!! A while back when Steff showed interest in being a guest on my ‘Cuppa&Chat’ series we decided to swap blog posts and exchange a full days healthy meal plan. Eating healthy is something we both do (I know I don’t look like I give up the biscuits haha!) So a healthy meal plan seemed fitting!! Almost all the food I eat is both dairy and gluten free due to my stomach disease.


I was never a fan of breakfast growing up but now it’s my absolute favourite meal!! I start almost every morning with overnight oats. My fave lately has been PB&J inspired!! I use..
• Half a cup of rolled oats
• 2 tsp chia seeds
• 1 tsp of 100% Canadian maple syrup
• 1-2 tbs peanut butter (the healthy kind)
• Roughly half a cup of frozen raspberries
• I pour soya milk over the top just until everything’s almost covered
I make 3 batches at a time so I have them stocked in the fridge, you can eat it cold but I like to warm it slightly in the microwave!! This seriously keeps me so full and is so healthy, especially if your training/diabetic/have stomach disease.


I like to keep dinner time simple and light. If I’m not eating soup then it’s usually a wrap. I buy Ald’is Mediterranean wraps and fill them with tuna, salad, ham etc whatever I’m fancying on the day. I always make sure there is plenty of salad in there!! Sometimes I follow it with some fruit depending on my stomach.


I switch up tea time a lot. I like to try new things but 99% of the time it involves chicken. Seriously I’m not quite sure how I don’t walk around clucking yet haha!! But my go to meal and fave for not irritating my stomach is my messy concoction of..
• Chicken (plain or flavoured) cooked and chopped
• Peppers (raw)
• Cucumber
• Jacket Potato
• Gluten free Garlic Mayo
I simply mix it all up and pour it onto my jacket Potato!! It’s simple but tasty, healthy and filling!!


My snacks are simple. Fruit, soya yogurts, protein bars, rice cakes. Basically, anything small and light and obviously dairy and gluten free. Again, Aldi do amazing gluten free snacks that are soo cheap!!


Now and again we all get the munchies late at night. I don’t like going to sleep hungry or peckish as it makes my stomach worse, so if I do ever have anything late at night it’s usually popcorn!! It’s a really good source of fibre and it’s light on your stomach.

Do you have any fave healthy meals or snacks to share with us?? Maybe some tips?? Let us know down in the comments!!

Much Love – Mrs Slee-Jones xx 

9 thoughts on “Healthy Meal Plan

  1. This post has made me so hungry ha ha! I have tried the overnight oats thing and I wasn’t a huge fan! But thinking about trying it again. I like to snack on fruit and low syn crisps. I am trying to keep on track with my eating and loose weight! Thank you for sharing your meal plan Steff x

  2. This looks absolutely delicious! I’m not a big breakfast eater myself, but those PB&J overnight oats look absolutely divine! When I’m craving a healthy snack, I usually make my own healthy “trail mix,” using dried fruits, and a variety of nuts. I find I don’t need to use chocolate, cause the mixture of dry fruits makes it sweet enough. Happy eating!

      1. A nice Kilner jar does work well, although when I do them I use a decent sized Tupperware pot so I can add stuff on top 🙂 xx

    1. I’ve never tried the Mediterranean wraps myself either, but after reading Rhiannon’s post I think I’ll be making a trip to Aldi! x

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