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Getting a puppy

Hey everyone! It’s approaching the 4th anniversary of our dog Hollie passing away… So I thought now was a good time to write about my thought processes in us getting another pooch!

Some of my favourite pictures of Hollie ❤️

About Hollie

So! When Hollie had left us, it took me quite a while to get over the pain. I didn’t want to ever feel the way I did in the vet’s room, ever again. It was such a raw and horrid feeling. I just couldn’t seem to understand why we should put ourselves through it again. Yes, I know there are countless people who have got another dog after their previous one had passed away. And it does sound a little over-dramatic. But I suppose that’s what grief does to you.

Hollie was my first pet as an adult, and was there to greet all 3 of our girls into the world. Ok, not exactly there in the room but she was part of the family when they were all born. She used to let all of the girls get away with murder. Especially Aimie who decided to stick her thumb in Hollie’s eye one day! CRINGE! I think she loved them as much as they loved her. Not only because they always gave her attention and lots of cuddles, but also because they kept dropping their food when they were eating lol!

She was such a funny, loving, protective and yappy dog. We honestly wouldn’t ever have another like her. She had the smelliest breath I’ve ever known when she reached her senior years. Dentastix just weren’t cutting it and there was no way she’d let me brush her teeth lol! When she was younger, we let her sleep in bed with us. Yes, I know, a lot of people frown upon it and think it’s gross. But she comforted me when we were in bed by laying behind my legs, in the crease of my knees. And then stuck her claws into the back of Ant’s haha. As she got older, she got a bit moodier than she was before. She couldn’t hold her toilets in as well either so we had to make her sleep in her own bed.

Reasons Why I Don’t Think We Should

Anyway, this post is supposed to be about getting a new dog! We’ve toyed with the idea for a long time. About a year after losing Hollie, I got a 9-5 job which then meant that nobody would be home during the day. This was, and still is the main reason we still haven’t got a new pet pooch. It’s just not fair to leave a dog on it’s own for long, especially when they’re still settling in.

A few other reasons… when we first got Hollie, our flat wasn’t all that great. We hadn’t lived there very long so we didn’t have nice furniture or even nice flooring. Now, we’re just getting the house how we want it and only have few small things to decorate. I can’t help but think that a doggy would kind of ruin it in a few respects. We’d have to install a stair gate (as the pup would have to stay in the hallway when nobody’s home). Flooring would get ruined until the dog is house trained. Things would get chewed up… Hollie chewed up Ant’s brand new Xbox controller when she was little (whoops). She even used to chew the corners of walls ffs!!

As well as all that, we’d have to find someone to look after the dog while we went away. It all just seems a bit too much hassle for us at the moment to be honest! I’m sure the right time will come one day and we’ll find our new family pet, but now just doesn’t sit right with me.


Having said that, I have absolutely fallen in love with Beagles!! We have quite a small house and garden, and although I’d take it for regular walks, I don’t think it’d be fair to keep a huge dog like a German shepherd! Beagles are such pretty dogs, and by all accounts they have great temperaments. So, when we’re finally ready to get another doggy, I think this will be the breed that we’ll prefer!

How bloody gorgeous?? 😍

17 thoughts on “Getting a puppy

  1. I know the loss of a dog is so bad. We had my childhood dog for 19 years, she was incredibly special and it took us a few years before we were ready to get our dogs. It’s always lovely to give a dog new home. Thank you for sharing xx

    1. Yeah it really is tough going. I think we’ve all come to terms with losing her now and when it’s practical we’ll definitely have another xx

  2. We’re hoping to get a Beagle soon! I agree they’re gorgeous dogs I cannot wait to finally get our own little puppy! So sorry for the loss of Hollie that must have been horrible!

    Jess //

    1. Thank you for reading! Omg I’m so jealous! Make sure you tag in me in photos when you do! It was hard losing Hollie but we made lots of memories with her xx

  3. Ahh beagles are so lovely aren’t they, I went through a stage of considering one! I am so sorry that you lost Hollie, she looked like a lovely dog, dogs – and cats – are part of our family and it is so hard when we have to say goodbye.
    The time will be right for you one day to get another one and I‘m sure when the time is right then your new dog will be there for you xx

    1. Isn’t that funny, I’d have put you down to be a beagle type person! Hollie was an amazing dog, there’ll never be another like her! But when the practicalities of having another dog are a bit better, we’ll get another for definite xx

  4. Losing a dog is hard and it’s important to take time before getting another one. I think beagles make great dogs, however, be ready just in case you get a howler. I’ve known a number of beagles and every single one of them howled a lot. In fact, our neighbors have one and he howls non-stop, which can be really annoying. But if you can nip that habit in the bud from the start, you should have an amazing dog.

    1. Hollie used to howl when we started to leave her on her own but she eventually grew out of it. It must be annoying being the neighbour of a howling dog 🙈

  5. Grief is a tricky emotion. It is such a huge part of life but it was something that I was shielded from as a child. I wonder whether that is for the best or not. Maybe you don’t even have to get another puppy. Any Beagle. Perhaps even one already housetrained.
    I like how you consider the quality of life of the living things in your care. I think it is a sign of a nurturing spirit. I am sorry for your loss but if there is a doggy afterlife perhaps your dog will be re-borna dn visit with you again.

  6. Pets give us so much – but the flip-side of that is that losing them is *devastating.* I’m sure a new pet would bring you loads of joy and happiness – but it’s also a really good plan to make sure you’re in a practical position to take care of it! 🙂

    1. That is exactly it! We want to be able to look after our new pet as much as possible and our circumstances at the moment wouldn’t allow us to do that. So until the time is right, we’ll have to be patient! X

  7. Getting a new pet after losing one is definitely a very personal decision. I can’t remember a time growing up when there wasn’t at least one pet in the house so when we lost our Golden a few years ago not only was it a terrible emotional loss but I was unprepared for the endless loneliness I went through day to day with an empty house. The kids were at school, my husband was at work and the empty house just made me terribly depressed. In the end we wound up getting another dog fairly quickly and that was right for us but it’s not right for everyone! It sounds like you have made the right choice for your family and I think it’s great that your taking not only your desire for another dog someday into account but your ability to fit one into your life scheduale too! I really hope you get that beagle someday! I’m sure they will be a wonderful addition!

    1. I completely understand why people get a pet so soon after losing one, they really do leave such a huge void when they’re gone. For us, it wasn’t an option and unfortunately still isn’t. But circumstances do change and one day there’ll be someone at home during the day on a regular basis to keep it company. Thank you for commenting Kristin xx

  8. A new loyal companion and I would do the same. You can remember your old pet while having new experiences with a new dog. The new dog also deserves a good home 🙂

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