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Blogger Love Feature!


So, I’m really excited to announce that the gorgeous lady Em from This Is Em’s World has been kind enough to feature me in Blogger Love!

What is Blogger Love?

Basically, Blogger Love is an amazing blogger showcase idea by Em where she gets fellow bloggers to answer a few questions about themselves, she then posts and promotes it so that others can have a read, get to know you and grow your following! Such a great thing to do as it’s showing just how supportive the blogging community is. Lots of other bloggers have taken part in this so I didn’t want to miss out on the fun! One of my goals for May was to take part in more blogging stuff out of my comfort zone… ok so this may not seem like a big deal but it’s still something different to writing your own post! I’d love for you to go and have a read of my answers, you can find a link to Em’s blog below!

You can find Em on all of her socials here:





I really enjoyed answering the questions for this post, and I hope you all enjoy the read too! Also, a HUGE thank you to Em for letting me take part in the Blogger Love post, if you’ve been thinking about it, go for it!

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