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August Roundup & September Goals

Hey everyone and welcome back to another monthly goals post! As if it’s September already! I’m sure I say it more every year as I get older, but this year has been the quickest one yet! And yes, I’m fully aware I skipped my July/August post. But that’s because when the new month came in I was in Lanzarote and I definitely didn’t have my shit together enough to have a post scheduled for it lol! So, let’s get down to it, here’s a quick recap of how my life has been since my last post.

Job Update

Since my last post, I’ve started a new job which I LOVE! The school is in a 15th century building and I feel very privileged to work there! None other than Queen Elizabeth I used the building as a stopover point between London and the South Coast. It’s a very strange but good feeling to walk in her footsteps! Everybody has made me feel very welcome and I’m looking forward to getting stuck in when the new school year starts!

Family Holiday

A bird’s eye view of this beautiful island!

At the end of July, we flew to Lanzarote for a week in a gorgeous villa in the Puerto del Carmen area. I’ll write a blog post about it once I finally get all of my pics onto my laptop, but I’ll tell you all a little about it here anyway. The weather was gorgeous, around 30 degrees every day. However the wind made it comfortable to sunbathe so we didn’t feel like you were cooking. However, we did cook lol! We all got a bit burnt despite constantly putting more sun cream on. We all enjoyed ourselves so much and came back feeling really chilled out as we literally didn’t do anything! The beach is beautiful, the food in all of the restaurants was lovely, and the people were really friendly too! I’ll definitely be going back to Lanzarote in the future, it’s one of my favourite places!


My personal training sessions have been great! I’m really enjoying them and my confidence is growing slowly. My PT is bloody amazing and I definitely wouldn’t be going so regularly if it wasn’t for her! You can find out my weigh-in and measurement results on my Insta here.

A New Addition

Lastly, and definitely not least, I’m now an auntie!!! I’ve been so excited and wanted to shout it from the rooftops! We’ve been asked not to share any photos of the baby online but we’re all so in love!

Other Bits

Life in general has been non-stop for us all! Ant had an operation on his jaw a couple of weeks before we went away. Where they discovered that he’d need open joint surgery in the near future! Sam has had a bit of a rough time with her health. Thankfully, that’s all stopped now and she’s much better! The uniform shopping was done in one day, praise the lord! With the exception of Aimie’s school tops but they’re all sorted now. And my bank account is a lot lighter than it was! Why is uniform so bloody expensive?!?


Ok, to be totally honest, blogging has definitely not gone the way I’d hoped. I feel like I come on here every time and make excuses. But, life is mental and unfortunately, blogging needs to take a backseat. It’s a shame because I love reading others’ posts and interacting with other bloggers, but time just isn’t on my side! For this reason, my blogging expectations for this month are going to be a lot lower.

Personal Goals

This month is going to be a busy one! We’ve got work kicking off for me, Aimie and Kacie both go back to school on 5th, Sam turns 18 on 22nd and it’s my birthday on 28th! In between all of that, these are my personal goals for the month:

  • Workout twice a week at the gym, and at least once at home
  • Continue with my healthy eating – I’ve stopped snacking between meals almost totally!
  • Go out more as a family

Blogging Goals

As I said earlier, blogging is having to take a backseat for now, but I’m going to set myself some small targets to try and get into some kind of routine with it all:

  • Check Twitter daily – this is my main referrer of blog traffic so it makes sense to pay it some attention!
  • Keep pinning – I’m up to almost 80k monthly unique viewers by doing this daily!
  • Make notes of blog post ideas – I’ve got a few floating round in my head, so I’m off to do this right now!

That’s it! I hope you’ve enjoyed reading, and if you’ve set yourself any goals for the month, let me know in the comments!

Until next time, Steff x

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