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April Goals

Ok, my March goals were kind of successful – you absolute diamonds helped me to get to my follow targets both on my blog and Twitter pages! So thank you all! As for the other goals, not so much success – I’m still on crutches and my knee has only shown a small bit of improvement… don’t get me wrong, I’m happy there is some improvement, but I want and need more! I experimented with my make up once (lol), but I was happy with the outcome and it’s nice to know I can actually pull off a full face of it. That is of course a full face to me, I can’t be arsed with contouring and all that stuff, foundation and powder was full enough! The healthy eating definitely didn’t happen either… I’m not gonna try and make excuses for it, it just went out the window and in all honesty, I can’t see what I eat getting much better until I am fully back to normal with my leg and being able to drive!

So, with all that in mind, I’ve set myself some targets for April. They aren’t anything major, but baby steps and all that!


I’ve upped my targets for followers as I managed to reach them last month – and with a couple of new ideas I’m working on with regards to blogging, I’m going to need as many followers as I can get! I’d love to get to 1500 Twitter followers, the support and community on there has literally amazed me! You get the odd game-player who follows to unfollow you soon after but the majority of people on there are genuine and follow you because they want to! For my blog followers, they are creeping up veeeeeeeeery slowly, which is kind of disappointing with the amount of time and effort that has gone into it, but that’s where you have to get your fellow Twitterers involved! So my target for April on my blog is to reach 200 followers.

love my followers


I’ve added this one in to give myself a kick up the backside to get it organised and back on track! Since I injured my leg, everything has been turned upside down and it’s been driving me crazy! With the amount of things and people I need to keep an eye on, I’m determined that all of those planners I bought in my stationery haul (see last post here), WILL help me to get everything back in sync in my life! I’m going to plan my weekly meals, write my shopping list out through the week as I remember, and I’ll be using my planner and notebook to remember things like hospital appointments, school dates, etc. too!



As I mentioned a second ago, I’ve got a couple of ideas in the pipeline for my blog, ways to earn money and a huge business idea that is going to be useful to so many of you! I’m not going to throw myself in at the deep end and go for it, I’m going to research the best way to do it, the best prices I can get for it, and how to market it.


Get involved

Ok, so as many of you will know, getting involved on Twitter is a big must if you want to grow your following and promote your blog. For some reason, my follow trains can be very hit and miss but I’ll persevere with them (please don’t make me look a loser lol!). This month, I would love to team up with a couple of you guys to do a Q&A post or something along those lines. If you’d be interested in helping me out with this, please let me know!

lets collab

Well, there you have them! As I said, not huge goals, but important to me nonetheless so I’ll be really chuffed if I actually get to meet them!

Hope you all get to meet your goals for the month too! So until next time…

Steff x


22 thoughts on “April Goals

    1. Hopefully my little follow will help you smash that blog follow target – mines creeps up SO slowly so I feel ya. Also hearing someone else admit that their follow trains can be an absolute flop is so reassuring I’ve only done one and literally one person interacted with it so I’ve been too scared to do another since!

      1. Thank you for being so thoughtful! It really can be so disheartening so I’ll try not to take it so personally if it’s not just me! I’ve started scheduling posts but haven’t quite got the hang of it yet lol! So I guess we’ll see how that helps! X

    1. That’s why I thought I’d give them a go… if you set them too high you’ll only disappoint yourself! All will be revealed as soon as I can have it up and running ? Thanks chick xx

    1. I’ve been the same in the past, even made a bullet journal once but spent too much time making it look pretty so didn’t have time to fill it out. Didn’t last long lol! I done my food plan and have started on the shopping list pad now, it’s a start I suppose! Xx

  1. Yeah the struggle is real to get followers sometimes. I’ve been blogging for almost 3 months and I got about 50-something subs. I’m sorry about your injury. I’m definitely following you on Twitter.

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