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I thought I’d do something a little different and do an A-Z about me… hope you enjoy!

A is for Ant & Aimie! Yes I’ve cheated and chosen two for my first letter but how can I choose between the old man and my middle baby!? ❤️

B is for BlogBox! I am SO excited for my very own business to launch and for you guys to finally have a bloggers subscription box! Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be stupidly nervous when they’ve been posted and I’m waiting for your feedback but I honestly think the hard work and effort that me and Sam are putting in will make them a success! Come and give us a follow on Twitter and Instagram and watch us grow from the very beginning!

C is for chocolate!! I literally cannot get enough of it! Chocolate is my downfall and the main reason I don’t lose weight (when I’m trying lol) because I just CANNOT get enough of it!

D is for the dreaded one… Dieting! Since I came off long-term steroids the last time around I have struggled massively to shift the excess weight. The first time it literally fell off and I was a bit naïve to think that it would happen again, as it definitely hasn’t! I’ve tried Slimming World (shit), calorie counting (not bad) and normal healthy eating which I was doing well with until I done my knee in and can no longer exercise. So watching what I eat, although I try to be good with my meals, seems a but pointless when I can’t do anything to get fit! The chocolate calling me every night is too loud to ignore anyway lol!

E is for emojis! If I can say what I want using these bad boys then I will at any opportunity! That’s what they’re there for right!?

F is for family. Not just Ant and the girls, I absolutely adore spending time with our family! When we’re all together we have such a good laugh and take trips down memory lane, It’s just the best!

G is for garden! I am totally proud of how we have our gardens looking this year, the colours in all the flowers are just stunning!

H is for homewares! So, I have a confession. I am OBSESSED with homeware items. It’s getting to the stage where I’ma need a bigger house soon to put them all in! There are so many gorgeous things out there, and I NEED them!

I is for interior design. Ok, I’m totally gonna blow my own trumpet hear and say I think I’ve got quite a good eye for interior design, we recently decorated our bedroom and a few people have since commented that it looks like a hotel room! Couldn’t be happier hearing that!

J is for juice. Due to my recent health issues I need to drink a lot of water daily. Only problem is, I cannot stand plain water whether it’s bottled or from the tap. So, I have to have a bit of juice with it to get my daily intake in, usually lemon squash or lime cordial are my faves.

K is for Kacie! My littlest baby who rules the roost and she knows it but we wouldn’t change her for the world!

L is for laughing! I am ALWAYS laughing, I am a true believer of laughter being the best medicine!

M is for Mexican food! I’ve recently discovered that this cuisine is just bloody delish! Fajitas, nachos (drool), guacamole, salsa, tortillas…. OMG!

N is for Neurologist! Ok, probably sounds a bit of a strange one to pick but I had THE BEST Neurology Consultant when I was diagnosed with Mysathenia Gravis in 2003 (you can read about it here if you have no idea what I’m going on about!) and I will be eternally grateful for her wisdom, knowledge, honesty and hippy-ish wit that always made me feel at ease during my appointments.

O is for organisation. My sisters and mum regularly liken me to Monica from friends, but I don’t think I’m THAT bad! However, if something is out of place I can’t bear it, and if my routine gets knocked out of joint I’ll feel like I don’t have my shit together for the rest of the day!

P is for phobias! So, I have a phobia of birds… thanks to being attacked by pigeons at Trafalgar Square when I was about 9. Also, I HATE insects of all kinds. So basically, if it has more than 4 legs or wings it can piss off LOL!

R is for Rhododendron! This is my all-time fave plant in my garden! It’s a new addition this year as my Mum bought me it after I went on and on and on about them whenever I saw them but didn’t know what they were lol.

S is for Sam! My eldest baby who I’m extremely proud of!

T is or Take That! My all-time fave band! I’ve been a fan since I was about 10 and I literally fangirl whenever I see them in concert ❤️

V is for varnish as in for nails lol. I paint my own nails every Sunday evening, and I’ve got quite a big selection of nail varnishes to choose from so unless I’ve bought a new one recently it can be quite a difficult decision to make!

W is for Work! I absolutely love my job, always wanted an office-based job since I was younger so working in the MIS department of a college is perfect for me!

Z is for zoo! Days out to the zoo, any zoo are just my fave! Seeing my girls faces light up when they see the animals, and when I’m running away from birds is just amazing!

You may have noticed there are a few letters missing, unfortunately I’m not interesting or creative enough to find an answer for them so I’ve just pretended they aren’t part of the blogging alphabet, just for this post lol.

Thank you so much for reading, feel free to give this a go if you fancy it! It was actually quite good fun to write!

Until next time…

Steff x

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