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10 Apps You Need for Blogging

Hey everyone! So, in this post I thought it would be helpful to go through 10 apps you need for blogging. From social media to photo-editing apps, everyone loves a good nosy at how others do it right?! I know I do, and I know you guys loved my Blog Plan post so let’s get started!


Twitter has to be my top app for social media because this is where most of my traffic comes from. It’s great for joining in on comment and follow threads to get people to visit your blog and leave comments in your posts. Twitter has a huuuuuuge amount of bloggers out there and its such a lovely little community so it’s definitely worth having to help get yourself out there and interacting with others! If you’d like to give me a follow on there, here’s the link to my account!


Although Twitter drives most of my traffic to my blog, I have to say I prefer Insta as a social media platform as its so much more visual and easier to interact. Also, you have more characters to play with on your captions lol!! I love watching Insta stories, and I’m getting to grips with them myself. However, I cannot stand the sound of my own voice so you won’t be hearing me talk on there anytime soon lol! I’m currently working on improving my Insta account and doing lots of research in the background. I received some feedback that my feed was quite dark so I’ve been editing my pictures and I think it’s slowly improving my figures! I’ve also managed to plan a whole months worth of content for Instagram for May which I’m really proud of! So, to find out what I’m going to be posting, check out my account!


Obviously, if you don’t blog through WP, then this one isn’t for you but you’ll have your alternative. The WordPress app is great not only for creating your posts but also for the Reader function where you can keep up to date with every new post published by the bloggers you follow. You can also view your stats for daily views and blog visitors so there’s everything you need to maintain your blog in one place!


Pinterest is a bit of a sore subject for me now. I absolutely love browsing for all the ideas for my boards, and it’s so rewarding seeing my monthly unique viewers rising every day. A while back, Pinterest decided to deactivate my previous account because I apparently violated their spam policy. After numerous emails and only receiving replies from bots, they decided they wouldn’t be reinstating my account. I was so gutted, all my hard work gone! Anyway, I decided to start a new account, start a fresh, and really make an effort with this one. I go to pin my first pin and guess what. Pinterest have marked my website as spam!! So I can’t pin because they won’t allow links to my blog, so it looks like I’ll never get traffic to my blog from there, but I’m going to keep my account and just use it to gather ideas. But, I have learned that to start getting traffic to your blog from Pinterest, you really have to persevere and pin constantly!


Ok, Canva is the only app I’ve ever used for any of my graphics for blogging and my promotional work on social media. It has soooo many templates, and a lot of them are free! From images for Instagram posts, Twitter headers, Pinterest pins, blog headers, you name it, Canva has it. It’s really easy to use too, trust me if I can, anyone can lol!


I’ve been using Photofox to add frames to my pictures for Insta and it’s made such a difference to my feed! To be honest, I’ve not really played with any of the other features as that’s all I was looking for. But the other free features are Filters, Adjust, Brushes, Blending, Transform and Frames.

Screenshot from Photofox for mobile


This app is the one I use to make my photos lighter and brighter. I won’t lie, I have absolutely NO idea what exposure, contrast and all those things are. But on the Light feature of this app, I adjust all of those to the same settings and it’s worked so far lol! There are other features on Lightroom too but again, I’ve not tried them out.

Screenshot from Lightroom for mobile


Buffer is the app I use to schedule tweets when I’m going to be at work all day. While we’re on lockdown I’ve been able to be more active on Twitter so I’ve not really used Buffer much. I usually schedule tweets that link to blog posts (old and new, because you can’t forget about the old posts!), and follow links for my social media accounts. You can also schedule your Insta posts but I use a different app for that which is up next!


So I signed up to Later a while ago but never really used it until recently. You can schedule your Instagram posts (up to 30 a month for free) and preview your feed, like in the picture below. It allows you to switch up the order of your posts to suit any theme you may have, and make sure it flows well. You can have your captions ready, add tags, geotags and hashtags saved too! Now I’ve got most of my content for May planned out, I’ll be using Later to schedule them so I’ll see how it goes! I also love the emails they send you when you sign up. They give you really good tips on how to get the most out of your Insta. Definitely worth a read, which I must admit, I’m yet to do for a lot of them!!

Screenshot from Later for mobile


If you want to send emails to your new subscribers, or you have a lead magnet to give away, Mailchimp is the app for you. You can set up multiple campaigns depending on what you need, but it’s fairly easy to use. It’s also free until you have 2k subscribers. I learned how to use it when I signed up to an online course by a lady called Marina Di Giovanni. The course was really helpful! (Not an ad, just sharing the love!)

Well there you have it! The 10 apps you need for blogging! In my opinion anyway lol! What are your fave apps? Let me know in the comments! Until next time, Steff xx

115 thoughts on “10 Apps You Need for Blogging

  1. Ah yes legit I use almost all these apps everyday and I agree they’re all so essential for any blogger! How amazing is Canva!!! I seriously can’t believe you get all those amazing templates for free its crazy, they definitely help my blog look way more professional than it really is! I’ve never heard of Later before but I’ve been looking for an Instagram post scheduling app so I’ll have to try it out! Great post x

    1. I love Canva!! I’ve definitely been winging it on there but it’s worked so far lol! The free templates are brilliant aren’t they! No need to pay at all! Let me know how you get on with Later x

  2. I love lightroom as you can create or buy presets which saves you having to alter everything and instead could just click onto the preset to do the editing for you! 🙂 x

    1. Can you!? Lol can you tell I’m not very adventurous on there yet? I’ll have to look into that, thanks! X

  3. Great app selection here. There are a few I’ve not heard of so will check those out.

    I love Pinterest, I can’t believe they’ve marked your website, that must be beyond frustrating for you x

  4. I’ll definitely be downloading Later! I already schedule my Instagram posts on Buffer but I’d love to be able to see how they’re going to look in my feed beforehand! Thanks for the recommendation 🙂 xxx

    1. I think that was the bit that clinched the deal for me! I’ll be scheduling some posts on there tomorrow so will be testing it out! Xx

  5. Thank you so much for sharing these apps especially the ones for scheduling posts. I think I will need to look into them when I go back to working during the day.

    1. You’re welcome! I’m trying to get in the habit of using the scheduling apps ready for when I go back to work! I’ll definitely need to save the time x

  6. Thank you for sharing. We are just revamping our blog and trying to make the most of our social media accounts. I have not really focused on our Instagram but you gave me some apps to check out. I also signed up for later but haven’t used it yet 🙂 I think your plan of trying it in May is what I will make as my goal. Thanks again for the tips.

    1. I hope the revamp goes well! I’ve scheduled the first weeks worth of posts for Instagram and will be doing more today. Its quite time consuming but I’m hoping the more often I do it, the quicker I’ll get!

  7. I use most of these apps, but haven’t heard of Photofox before. I will have to check that one out, as well as the planning apps. I have never really gotten along with the instagram planning apps, but maybe this one will be different. Love how it gives you 30 free for month too.
    One I would add is Google Analytics…good to check when you are on the go!

    Thanks for sharing these 🙂

    Aimsy xoxo
    Aimsy’s Antics

    1. I’ve never had the ideas to plan a months worth of posts but now I’m home I’m giving it a go! I’ve got Google Analytics but never really got to grips with it x

  8. Great post, I love using Buffer when I’m unable to post for myself e.g I’m at work. I haven’t heard of Later before so I’ll definitely be checking them out.

    1. Buffer is good for posting on Insta but I think I prefer Later as you can preview your feed. X

  9. Great Post, I use a few. Of these
    Twitter is also the best source of traffic for me. I keep getting told to use Pinterest as its the best for building traffic… But I have no clue how or what to do with it. Instagram is a big one I use, post daily (followed you too). App wise I use canva to create images and featured images for my blog.

    1. Thanks! Pinterest is meant to great for traffic but you have to create so many different pins for your blog posts and pin every day to drive the traffic. As well as that you have to repin others’ pins, etc too. I can’t do any of that now they’ve marked my site lol. Canva is definitely one to stick with! Thanks for the follow too, will follow back!

  10. I use almost all of the apps but I am a huge fan of Twitter and Pinterest – they are both amazing. ✨

  11. I use most of these apps. I have lightroom, but have no saved presets and haven’t had a chance to really learn how to use it well. I downloaded it in the hopes of creating a theme but this was right before my school kid came home. I hope to get the chance soon.

  12. I use pretty much all these apps! I think the only ones I haven’t got are Photofox and Later. Canva is so good for making pins, banners, ebooks, everything! I think my favourite app has to be Twitter because I’ve met so many great people, including you!

    1. You’re very welcome, and welcome to the world of blogging! Hope you’re enjoying it so far xx

    1. Thanks for reading! I’ve scheduled all of my posts for this month and it was pretty easy to do so I definitely recommend! X

  13. Thanks for this post! I got several of the apps already but not Canva yet, and I heard a lot of bloggers recommend that one, guess I will be checking it out soon. I could use a new project. 🙂

    1. You will absolutely LOVE Canva! There’s so much you can do on there so easily, and for free too! X

  14. This is an excellent list of apps. I use almost all of them on a regular basis. I will have to look into Later and Buffer as those are the only two I haven’t previously heard about, but they sound like they would be incredibly useful.

  15. Some great suggestions! I’m sorry to hear you’ve had so much trouble with Pinterest though!

    1. Welcome to blogging, I hope you’re enjoying it so far! Glad you found the post helpful! X

  16. Glad to know after a few years of blogging I’m on the right track as I use most of these apps for my content. Super excited to try some other ones I never heard of before, I’m currently discovering the world of Mail Chimp.
    Some of my favorite apps for blogging that I use every day are Pinterest, Canva, Instagram, and Twitter. I actually am just plain addicted to twitter lol.

    1. Mailchimp is on my to-do list but I figured I should get my blog in the right place before setting up a newsletter! I’m addicted to Twitter and Insta too! Thank you for reading!

  17. I love Canva! I’ve only just started using it and I love playing around with designs. I have a Pinterest account but have absolutely no idea how to use it to drive traffic to my blog

    1. Canva is great isn’t it! Pinterest takes a lot of perseverance and LOTS of pinning for your blog posts but it works eventually!

    1. I was just starting to get traffic from Pinterest as it happened but never mind! What did you find you didn’t like about Instagram? X

    1. Thanks for reading! It’s definitely saved me a lot of time on a daily basis, but did take a while to cheque posts for the month x

    1. Pinterest would be huge for me now if they weren’t so quick to block my site! Lightroom is fab for photos for sure x

  18. Thanks for sharing! I’ve started a blog and use some of these and know the other ones will really help me.

  19. These are all really incredible apps I love using lightroom it really is a lifesaver! Thanks for sharing x

  20. I love this because i’m still a new blogger and I’m always looking for assistance on how to improve. I just started using Canva for my Instagram and Pinterest images and it has been a lifesaver because before I was just using photoshop for pinterest and instagram itself for my insta-story. i’m gonna look into these others for sure. Very well written. Thank you for sharing.

    1. Thank you fo reading! I’m glad you found the post useful… Canva is an absolute godsend and so user-friendly! X

  21. Thanks for sharing. Really useful. I haven’t heard of some of these and will definitely check them out. And I didn’t know mailchimp was free until 2k subscribers!

    1. Thank you for reading! Hope you find the new ones useful. It’s a good selling tools isn’t it! X

  22. It’s amazing how Twitter is your biggest blog traffic source! Do you have any advice on how to grow Twitter or a blog post about it for me to read?


    1. I think Twitter is a huge source of traffic for a lot of bloggers as it’s easier and less-time consuming to be on there. As long as you’re present and interact lots on there you’ll attract people to your blog. I don’t have a post about it but I will see what I can put together in the near future for you x

  23. I’ve never heard of buffer, so I will have to check it out, I use twitter for my site a bit but probably not enough. I’ve never heard of canva or photofox, but I use photoshop.

    1. Posting regularly on twitter and joining in on comment threads helps massively with your blog traffic. I’ve never tried photoshop.. mainly because it’s always looked so complicated lol! I’d definitely recommend giving Canva a try! You won’t look back! X

  24. These are definitely the definitive apps every blogger/influencer/entrepreneur needs to have. I was actually surprised just how many on the list I’m already using. I even discovered a few I’m not yet acquainted with!

    Thanks for writing this!

  25. Found this really helpful. I use some of the same apps but not all and I’m trying to learn more to up my blog game! Shame about Pinterest! I’ve heard a few people having difficulty with it. It’s made me hesitant to use it but I reckon I need to for traffic

    1. Blogging is a constant learning process, I’ve found very recently! Hence these types of posts to help others 🙂 Yeah I still can’t get anywhere with Pinterest, kind of given up on it for my blog and just use it for ideas and stuff now. It’s meant to be amazing for traffic if you do it right, but since their latest update I’ve seen nothing but bad news in everyone’s tweets. x

    1. Photoshop has always looked too complicated to me so I can imagine your joy when you found Canva! Lol! X

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