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My ‘Get Healthy’ Plan

For those of you who follow me on Instagram, you’ll know I’m usually posting photos of food. Most of them not worthy of the Gram, but I’m no professional at taking pics so I post them anyway. This all started when I decided to try Slimming World a while back and my biggest motivation was my Insta account. As I didn’t join a group (they sound like my worst nightmare!) I needed to get it from somewhere!

I ended up losing about 21lbs on SW that time, then put some back on. Then lost some again, then put some back on as soon as I stopped. This got me thinking that I’d have to stay on SW for the rest of my life to avoid putting it all back on if I quit. Now I’m quite sceptical about most things, so I started to have a nose around and came to the realisation that SW is just another money-making scheme like WW, Slim Fast, Skinny Coffee, and the like.

What I think

I’ll just say here that if SW works for you, you go for it because I totally get it! I’m not here to try and change your decision, claim to be an expert (I’m definitely not and you can tell that by the way I look lol) or tell you what you’re doing is wrong or bad for you! What I am here to do is simply let you know what I’ve decided for myself is the best way to get healthy. That’s it!

So, basically, SW and the others will all tell you that certain foods are fab, some are ok, and others are bad. Which is true, to a certain extent. It’s which foods they tell you are fab, ok and bad that’s the problem. For example, avocado… one of the healthiest foods you can eat and SW give it syns because of the amount of fats in it. They’re GOOD fats ffs, if you want an avo, go bloody have it! By the way, if you haven’t tried chopped avocado and baby plum tomatoes in lime juice with chilli flakes and salt and pepper on wholemeal seeded toast, then what are you even doing!?! It’s my fave!

Another example is blueberries, if you’re an SW’er, you’ll no doubt remember Blueberrygate! It seems that overnight, SW HQ decided that blueberries would now be a speed food rather than just a free one! I don’t think anyone got round to explaining why they’d changed their minds, or does somebody know if bloobs changed what they’re made of as they grew one night? Answers on a postcard please!

It’s always been clear to me that these slimming companies are working together with certain brands so make them an ‘option’ for their customers. When in fact, these products are normally so full of chemicals and lord knows what other crap! Here’s one that really sticks out… Muller Light yoghurts. Next time you pick one up, have a read of the ingredients, they ain’t yoghurts are they! And the worrying thing is that by SW rules, you can eat as many of them as you want! The same as all the carbs… pasta, rice and spuds. Now if we’re honest we all know that carbs aren’t the thing you should be eating loads of if you want to lose weight healthily.

My Get Healthy Plan

So, with all that in mind, I’ve come up with a plan in my head of what I’ll be doing to get myself down to a weight I’ll be comfortable at that isn’t too ambitious. Well, I came up with this plan ages ago but haven’t been able to stick to it properly as I’m unable to do the exercise with it since injuring my knee in February this year. I wrote a post about how that happened here.

Food-wise, I’ll be generally making better choices and keeping an eye on my portion sizes. So processed foods and all the sugary stuff will be forgotten. I must say though that I’ve actually got a lot better with the sweet stuff, I could easily eat a packet of biscuits for breakfast before, whereas now I don’t eat biscuits. For breakfast I’ll be choosing either fruit and (proper) yoghurt, maybe with homemade granola, or some nice cereal. Which reminds me of another change I’ve made for a long time now, which is switching from semi-skimmed to skimmed milk. I can’t stand the taste of milk, and like strong tea and coffee so it was an obvious change to make. For lunch, I usually have something like crackers with butter, or a salad. Where dinner is concerned, my family are the bloody fussiest around so finding a dinner that we all like is so difficult. There are a few things that we all eat but when you eat the same thing regularly it’s easy to go off it! We’ve made alterations to a lot of the ways we cook things, like the oil we use and the method of cooking we use. So really I’ll just need to make more of an effort with actually planning our meals I suppose! I’m still trying to get in the rhythm of working full-time, managing BlogBox, blogging, the kids, the house and general life so it’s not surprising I run out of time for things like that I guess! Hopefully as I start to feel better in myself I’ll find it easier to manage them all.

With my exercise, I’m slowly getting the use of my knee back but it’s not nearly as stable and strong as it was. Apparently, it never will be so I’m not really sure what kind of exercise I’ll be capable of in the future but I do know that I’ll be trying my hardest to get back to some kind of fitness level to help me on my way! I’ve got a treadmill in the shed (that got delivered the day I injured my knee) so I think at first I’ll be using that to do slow walking to test the water. I’ve got lots of exercises from my physiotherapists to keep doing too so they should ease me back into it gently.

Help Me Out!

So, if there are any tips, tricks or advice any of you guys can give me, or any websites or YouTube videos I might find helpful hit me up! Again, I hope what I’ve written isn’t taken the wrong way by anyone… this is my humble opinion!

Until next time…

Steff xx


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