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Hey! Thanks for stopping by! Time to tell you a little bit about me and my blog


I’m Steff, 37, fiancée and a mum to 3 beautiful girls. I work full time as a school administrator, and decided to start blogging to unclog my brain! It started to feel a bit overcrowded up there and I felt like I needed something to focus on… what better way to do it than a blog?! I’ve found blogging is a great release and has proven to form a part of my self-care routine as I find it relaxing! I have a sense of humour to suit most people, it can be dry, witty, sarcastic, punny, dark, dirty, gross – you name it!

Anyway, I haven’t put my blog in a niche or category because I honestly think it’ll just be random at the moment! It’ll mostly be lifestyle, health and healthy eating, makeup and beauty and family. Regardless, I hope you still enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. And if you’re considering starting a blog and have somehow stumbled across my page, DO IT!! The blogging community is simply amazing and you have an endless support network!

I’ve included the services I’m offering here, please contact me if I can help you out! I love writing product reviews, so if you’re a company looking for some help promoting your products, you can email me at steffsjourneycontact@gmail.com.

Well, I’ve started to waffle enough about me so I’ll leave it there. You can also find me on Twitter ,Instagram and Pinterest… give me a follow!

Steff x

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