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10 Facts About Me

Yes it’s another blog from me! Can you tell I’m bored of sitting around unable to do anything? LOL

I thought I’d jump on the ’10 Facts About Me’ bandwagon – forgive me if they’re boring but I’ll try to make them as random as I can.

1) I’m sorry to admit it (a little bit) but I’m a silent member of the grammar police! I’m not one of those that will correct you every time you make a mistake but it does make me grind my teeth and want to break something LOL.

2) My heritage is from a complete mixture of countries… my maternal nan is Austrian (I’ll be blogging about her one day soon), my maternal granddad is Irish, and my paternal nan had French and Spanish in her bloodline. They’re just the ones I know about… maybe that all explains the fact that my skin has a yellow tinge LOL

3) I’m a leftie! However, I’m not a cack-handed leftie, I turn the paper instead of cocking my hand round awkwardly so that I smudge what I write. I do most other things with my right hand… using scissors (what the hell are those left-handed ones all about?), throwing a ball, etc.

4) I’ve been with my husband for 17 years… I call him my husband, he calls me his wife but we’re not actually married. It just feels like it lol… we did have it planned for 2006, but after a long 4-year wait to be given the all-clear from my doctors to try for a second baby, we cancelled it. Our ethic was that we could only really have a baby while we were young, we can get married any time in life. Since then, we’ve either not had the money, or I’ve been too fat thanks to the steroids.

5) I’m itching to do an online course of some kind. It has to be online as I work full-time and have the kids, etc to sort out. As I mentioned in my previous blog, I’d love to be a paramedic or midwife one day but at the moment it’s not practical. But in the mean time, I feel like I need to do something! If it was something relevant that would be great… I’m not gonna lie, I don’t have much money to spend on something like this so if anyone can recommend sites/companies that give recognised quals I’d appreciate it sooooooo much!

6) I’m a HUGE Take That fan (cue unfollows)… since I was 10 I’ve always followed them, wanted to marry Mark Owen and cried when I got to touch him at their Wonderland tour last year. Yes I’m 35 and a grown woman, mother to 3 children, but the teenage girl comes out in me whenever they’re on TV or stage. It’s involuntary.

7) My favourite authors are Tess Gerritsen and Janet Evanovich. They both write completely different types of books but they are AMAZING!! Tess Gerritsen writes mysteries including the Rizzoli & Isles thrillers (you may have seen this series on TV). The way they’re written, you honestly cannot guess who the culprit is and you definitely won’t want to put it down! Janet Evanovich writes mysteries too, but her Stephanie Plum books will have you howling with laughter! You can literally visualise the characters walking down the street in front of you, and another book you won’t want to stop reading. So, if you’re looking for a new read, find these and enjoy! The only thing I’d suggest is reading them in order.

8) I was sooooooooo nervous about blogging! The idea only came to me about a month before I actually went for it, but I think the main thing that originally held me back was what to write about. Now, as you can see, I’m not really having that much trouble! Seriously though, if you’re thinking about doing it, DO IT!! It feels like a kind of release when you start writing and the blogging community (that I’ve come across so far anyway) is super supportive and so kind and generous in giving you tips to start off!

9) I have OCD about a number of things… thankfully none of them too drastic. This fact isn’t to take the piss out of OCD, I appreciate people really suffer with this when it’s severe. I actually think we are all a bit OCD about something or other. We probably don’t recognise it as it doesn’t affect us like those who are diagnosed as their lives actually change because of it… did that make sense?? Anyway… my bed has to be made MY way, the washing has to be washed, dried, folded and put away MY way. I will actually shout at you if you try doing it differently or lay on my bed after I’ve made it. WHY?!? I can’t stand it if I get my hand wet when I brush my teeth, or if any of it even tries leaving my mouth before I spit into the sink. That’s just gross.

10) Finally, and probably a bit of a boring one… I cannot save money! Granted we haven’t been in a position to save for a while for one reason or another, but when we do have some extra cash it gets wasted on takeaways, clothes, bits for the house, or just general shit that we don’t need LOL. I have all good intentions of saving every month, does it happen? Yeah right!!

Well… I hope you enjoyed reading that. Not gonna lie, I struggled to find what to write so had to keep coming back to it. I’m now going to try something new and add tags to this blog to see if I’m as clever as I like to think LOL! Thanks for reading 🙂

5 thoughts on “10 Facts About Me

  1. Great post! I love take that too, my mum loves them so I’ve grown up listening to them! She’s seen them live so many times! I also have OCD and I can really suffer with it. I was so nervous about starting a blog too. It took me over a year to properly set up a blog and start writing! Great post! Xx

    1. Thank you so much Lauren! Always good to hear about other TT fans, I’ve been to every tour since 93 ? except The Circus cos I couldn’t get tickets ? It took me about a month to start my blog, in the end I just went for it and have been winging it ever since lol! Thanks again for all your support ? xx

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